Selected Contributions to the Media
       and Outreach Activities

Temperature-related mortality:
       - Press release in Nature.
       - Press release in Catalan and Spanish.
       - Clipping of media coverage in TV, radio and press.
       - Interview with Seth Borenstein from Associated Press.
       - Radio interview in Radio 4.
       - Website of the CMTool prototype.
       - Press release in Catalan, Spanish and French.
       - Outreach cartoon in Scivit (courtesy of Dr. Thomas Fester).

Wind-borne nature of Kawasaki Disease:
       - Press release in Nature.
       - Press release in IC3: Catalan and Spanish.
       - News feature in Nature.
       - Podcast in Nature.
       - News feature in Science.
       - News feature in Nature.
       - News feature: "KD and the end of rheumatology as we know it".
       - News feature in New England Journal of Medicine.
       - News feature in Ara.

Climate change:
       - Television interview in TV3.
       - Television report in Telecinco.
       - Radio interview in Radio 4.
       - Invited speaker in the 1st Ocean2k Workshop: web and video.

Climate and health impacts:
       - Media coverage in Thomson Reuters, The China Post and Livemint.

El Niño-Southern Oscillation:
       - Press release in IC3: Catalan, Spanish and English.

       - Press release on the kick-off of the Blue-Action project.

       - Press release on the new group and position at ISGlobal.