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Job Offers

I am seeking highly motivated researchers to join my research group, candidates that want to apply for their own funding are welcome to contact me.

ISGlobal has a dedicated pre-award department specifically devoted to maximize your chances. In addition, I have large predoctoral and postdoctoral funding experience (e.g. I have been awarded three times a Marie Curie fellowship), and therefore I can guide you with the application process to work here in Barcelona. This is a list of the main fellowship calls:

       - Marie Curie European Fellowship (deadline: late summer). Up to two years of very high salary funded by the European Commission, with generous money to cover your living and family costs and a flat rate for flexible use (e.g. travel, computing, training, ...). The proposal is 10-pages long and the call is highly competitive, but I can use my experience with this type of fellowships and help you to improve your project.

       - Marie Curie Global Fellowship (deadline: late summer). Same as the Marie Curie European Fellowship, but in two stages: up to two years outside Europe and then one year at ISGlobal. We can explore potential host centers outside Europe, particularly in the United States, to perform a high-quality coordinated three-year research project.

       - Beatriu de Pinós (deadline: late autumn). Same as the Marie Curie European Fellowship, but jointly funded by the European Commission and the Catalan Government. If awarded, you will formally be a Marie Curie fellow.

       - Juan de la Cierva Formación and Incorporación (deadline: early winter). A postdoctoral contract of up to two years funded by the Spanish Government. The proposal does not require to write a scientific project, and you will only need your CV and a description of the host group.

There are additional predoctoral and postdoctoral fellowships from the Catalan and Spanish Governments that can be explored, so do not hesitate to contact me if you are motivated to join my research group.