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Current Members:

Simon Lloyd (2020-): Postdoctoral Fellow, PhD Public Health and Environment.
Elisa Gallo (2022-): Postdoctoral Fellow, PhD Biostatistics and Clinical Epidemiology.
Marcos Quijal-Zamorano (2019-): Predoctoral Fellow, MSc Biostatistics, BSc Mathematics.
Zhaoyue Chen (2021-): Severo Ochoa Predoctoral Fellow, MSc Medicine, BSc Biostatistics.
Constanza Vielma (2021-): Severo Ochoa Predoctoral Fellow, MSc Psychology of Social Intervention, BSc Sociology.
Thessa Beck (2021-): Marie Sklodowska-Curie Predoctoral Fellow, BSc Meteorology, MSc Climate Studies.
Niti Mishra (2022-): Predoctoral Fellow, MSc Data Science, BSc Commerce in Economics and Management.
Blanca Paniello Castillo (2023-): Predoctoral Fellow, MMSc in Public Health Sciences and Epidemiology, BSc in Biomedical Sciences.
Raúl Fernando Méndez Turrubiates (2021-): Software Engineer, MSc Physical Oceanography, BSc Atmospheric Sciences.
Fabien Peyrusse (2023-): Software Engineer, MSc in Engineering.
Nadia Denisse Beltrán Barrón (2023-): Software Engineer, MSc in Physical Oceanography, BSc in Oceanology.
Mireia Beas (2021-): Project Manager and Data Assistant, MA Museum Studies, BSc Biology.

Visiting Collaborators:

Hicham Achebak (2022-): Marie Sklodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellow, PhD Demography.

Former Members:

Adrià Mas Dalmases (2023): Software Engineer, MSc Computational Biomedical Engineering, BSc Human Biology.
Ferran Pegenaute (2022-2023): Software Engineer, MSc Bioinformatics for Health Sciences, BSc Human Biology.
Hicham Achebak (2017-2022): Postdoctoral Fellow, PhD Demography.
Cynthia Abarrategui (2020-2022): Project Manager, PhD Biomedicine.
Desislava Petrova (2019-2021): Postdoctoral Fellow, PhD Climate Dynamics.
Èrica Martínez-Solanas (2019-2020): Postdoctoral Fellow, PhD Environmental Epidemiology.
Vijendra Ingole (2017-2019): Postdoctoral Fellow, PhD Environmental Epidemiology.
Anna Deluca (2018-2019): Postdoctoral Fellow, PhD Climate Dynamics.
Ramon Requena (2017-2018): Master Student, MSc Environmental Epidemiology.